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Cloud Based Services for Business

Expert Cloud Computing for Your Business

The way people need to work is changing fast. Businesses want more flexibility, more agility, and the ability to work from anywhere. All without compromising security or giving end users a muddled or fragmented experience.

Fewer and fewer companies are choosing to buy traditional onsite hardware. Instead, they are embracing a modern approach to working that removes the upfront expenditure and burden of onsite IT whilst empowering staff to work more efficiently. And, because every aspect of maintenance and management is handled by the same team of experts, we’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to improve your technology. So, we won’t just keep your IT working – we’ll do everything we can to make it work even harder.

Tailored Cloud Solutions

A tailored Cyan cloud solution leverages many industry-leading technologies to bring a seamless user experience. We’ll enable your teams to continue using the familiar software applications and interfaces they’re accustomed to, but in new and exciting ways. You’ll get the performance and reliability of enterprise-grade infrastructure without the associated costs or management overheads. We’ll also significantly reduce your cyber risk by protecting key business assets in high security UK data centres.

Subscription Based Service

Our team of experts will design and build your cloud service on the industry’s best platforms from key partners, including Microsoft. Our hybrid approach to design ensures that all areas of your business are considered – this is very important as some applications or data may not be suitable for the cloud. The entire service, including full management and support, is delivered as a subscription – so you only pay for what you need and use.

What’s included with Cyan’s Cloud Computing Services:

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

VPC brings all the benefits and advantages of public cloud but ensures your data and assets remain private and secure in trusted UK datacentre on resources dedicated to your business. We create a VPC network in the cloud that closely resembles the network you use in your office. Your servers, firewalls, desktop applications, and databases are virtualised and moved to a scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure along with your data and files. We guarantee the maximum levels of protection and effectively ring-fence your business assets in a safe environment that can be securely accessed anytime, from any place. Your end users continue to work seamlessly as both cloud and local resources (such as printing) are fully integrated.

Microsoft Office 365

We’re long-term Microsoft partners and Microsoft cloud specialists and have a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise when it comes to Office 365. In fact, we’ve migrated and support well over 1500 users. Whether your business is just starting to consider the benefits of using Office 365, or if you’re already established and working in the Microsoft cloud, we can help you get the most from your investment. We offer a complete Microsoft Office 365 service that includes full management, end user support, best practice deployments and user adoption training. We also learn how you want to use Office 365 to ensure you don’t over-pay for licence plans you may not require.

Cloud Security

we manage cybersecurity across your entire service and will ensure that data and users are protected. Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) helps us manage user identities across your devices, data, apps and infrastructure, and lets us create intelligence-driven access policies to secure your resources, whether in the cloud, on mobile or on-premises. We can also deploy and manage Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), that requires users to enter a one-time passcode at logon, which further enhances access security. Learn more about Cyan’s Cyber Security Services.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Moving data and applications to the cloud does not remove the need for backup. Although a cloud service significantly reduces risk, it does not guarantee that users won’t accidentally delete files of folders. There is also the risk from cyber-attack to consider. We safeguard your business against human error, ransomware, and even site failure, by automating and managing the entire backup process. We ensure your data, applications and databases are protected and out of harm’s way. Cyan DRaaS extends this further by continuously replicating systems to a secondary cloud infrastructure in a geographically diverse data centre.

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