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Continuity Checklist

Essentials to consider in your Continuity Plan

From free tools to rescheduling deliveries, this checklist will help you consider the essentials that you may have missed in your continuity plan.

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We’ve summarised some key considerations below…


If your employees have to work from home, they’ll need to be able to communicate with each other, your customers, and your suppliers. Consider what arrangements you’ll need to make to ensure your employees can continue to collaborate from different locations.

We’re able to provide you with free access to Microsoft Teams for 6 months if you already have Office 365. If you don’t have Office 365 and would like to talk to us about how your business could benefit from the solution, please give us a call on 02392 333 365.


You’ll need to take stock of what portable equipment you already have access to, and what is crucial for your business. You should also consider what software and equipment your customer support teams will require to continue providing core services and support to your customers.

With more people working remotely during this outbreak, hackers are taking advantage of vulnerable systems. Make sure you understand the risks, and you have adequate measures in place to ensure you’re protected.


Work with your HR team to make sure you have all the essential policies in place, and you’ve considered all the risks to both your business, and your employees. Remember, it’s vital that you protect your employees too.


It’s difficult to cover everything, so you should utilise your key employees to help you capture fundamental points that may have slipped through the net. We’ve suggested some factors to bear in mind in our continuity checklist here which you may find helpful.

It’s important that you’re prepared for any scenario, and testing that your plan works is essential, so run a drill as soon as you can to highlight anything you may have missed.

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