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7 must-have apps and software that aid remote working

Remote working has enabled us to be more productive than ever. There are now a multitude of user-friendly web based applications which put the technological power at our fingertips, enabling us to be even more productive. Plus such apps make it easier to have more downtime instead of constantly scanning for new emails. So when you’re not in demand, you can schedule and organise your time more effectively.

Being office bound is no longer seen as the most effective mode of work. Remote working allows employees to work more efficiently and be more productive. It also increases well being among employees and gives businesses greater flexibility to work at their optimum level. We’ve put together some of our must have tools to help boost your employees remote working power.


Slack is the communication and messaging app made for teams, accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Amongst a whole host of integrations, it allows you to create channels to organise your team conversation on different topics and projects. These can be made private for private projects. You can also communicate one-on-one through direct messaging, launch video or voice calls, drag and drop to share files – which can also be linked through from services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You’ll wonder how you ever survived without it!


Trello is an integrated communication platform which synchronises boards, notes, email, messenger. It helps stop endless email checking and cross referencing between different platforms. It consolidates all your channels in one place and is also great for team co-ordination and project management. Everyone knows where to go to get the information and this creates a high level of accessibility and transparency. There are unlimited ways to organise yourself and your team and keep on track of projects, events, decisions and attendees.


Asana is a web app that allows teams to manage and track projects from start to finish, right down to the smallest task. It allows you to easily see progress of each project, turn meetings into actionable task, and better understand and manage what each remote-worker is prioritising at each specific moment.


If Asana isn’t for you, you may prefer the simplified IDoneThis. It allows for simple and easy daily status check-ins on particular tasks. Through it you can know what is done, in progress, or has stalled and why. Employees can work at their own pace and everyone has an overview of what tasks are being done, by whom and when they are complete. These status check-ins prevent managers having to micro manage and ask questions to find out about progress. Remote working requires a level of trust and IdoneThis does just that.

Facebook Workplace

Love it or hate it, Facebook has been around for a long time and Workplace has fast become one of the best pieces of software for connecting teams across an organisation. It allows all the things that Facebook does – instant messaging, live broadcasting, bot automation and groups – but specific to work. You can also integrate OneDrive and Dropbox, and it’s great at making announcements to everyone so the entire team are kept up to date. As a result, Workplace reduces complexity and saves time and money.


GitHub was created by Linux creators and therefore is based on the same opensource principles which made Linux the power it is today. Geeks love Github because it provides a platform for software development teams to collaborate. It lets workers host their code and puts checks and balances in place to make version control a breeze. Software developers use the hub to share their software and network and receive feedback from likeminded coders. Great for geeks.


For design teams, InVision is a prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform that allows for the building and sharing of prototypes within a team. In addition it allows for a useful and intuitive feedback process via communication with clients and other team members.

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