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Why Your Phone System is an Essential Part of Your Technology Strategy

When it comes to technology, it is essential that every part of your business stays up to date. In many organisations, traditional methods of communication such as fax and telephony are still vital. However, the fact the companies still use traditional methods does not mean the business lags behind technologically. With internet telephony, you can enjoy the freedom and benefits that digitalisation provides, without forgoing your most important communication tools.

Internet telephony is one of the most critical technologies for businesses who still value speaking to clients, suppliers and team members. It allows the use of traditional communication methods but with more freedom, flexibility and a wealth of business benefits.

What is internet telephony?

Internet telephony is a technology that allows communication (voice calls, voicemail, faxes, etc.) to be made anywhere with an internet connection and internet-enabled device. The digital system converts voice and other communication forms into a digital signal so they can be transferred across the internet to reach the recipient.

This digital signal enables a variety of different communication forms, allowing a mix of communication from fax machines, phones, PCs and laptops. In fact, any device with internet and an enabled system can utilise internet telephony, and no landline is needed.

The guises of internet telephony

There are many names for internet telephony, while some offer slight differences, they are commonly used interchangeably. These include terms such as;

  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
  • Broadband Telephony
  • VoBB (Voice over Broadband)
  • IP Telephony
  • OTT Voice Services (Over the top voice services)
  • Broadband Phone Services.

The benefits of internet telephony

There are many advantages to using internet telephony as a business technology, here are just some of the many benefits that you can achieve by adopting this strategy for your business.

Increase productivity

The fact that staff can make and receive calls and faxes wherever there is an internet connection can significantly improve productivity. Whether they are working at a customer site, in the office or at another location, as long as they have internet, they will be able to communicate as necessary.

The agility of an internet phone system means that your workplace can be much more flexible and ideal for remote workers. This enables staff to action and answer calls wherever they are, which increases their productivity. Some services even offer a dedicated smartphone app to make internet telephony even easier on the move. Furthermore, there is no waiting for answers, for colleagues, customers or suppliers.

Cost efficiency

One of the primary benefits of an internet phone system is the cost savings you can achieve. Once you have a system set up, you are only paying for the service and the internet. There are no additional costs for long distance calls or roaming. Your costs are contained to your internet telephony provider and will be based on the quality of the service that you want to receive and your internet connection. You will not be charged for calls or faxes that you make or receive, wherever you are in the world.

Business stability

Having an internet telephony system means that you can keep the same number as long as you stay with your service. This means that you do not have to change your number if you move offices or workspaces. The number is not a landline, and will stay with you. This helps with the stability of the business and the fact that customers will be able to contact you, without the need to update their contact numbers.

This system is valuable when you do not have a dedicated workspace or a traditional work set up, as you still appear professional and trustworthy to customers.

Never miss a call

One of the benefits of internet telephony is that it can link to many devices. You can connect calls and communications to your desk phone, smartphone, PC and laptop. With this in mind, you will never miss a call, even if your battery has died or you are away from your desk. Customers will be able to get in touch with ease; you can reduce the number of callbacks and avoid the problematic game of ‘phone tag’ that can occur when you miss a call.

Local number

Another advantage of internet telephony is that fact that you can choose a local phone number, despite being located somewhere else. If your customers are concentrated in a particular area, you can select a local number, to enhance trust but actually answer the calls from anywhere in the world.

You can have multiple local numbers to satisfy all customer locations yet save on costs in terms of regional call centres and dedicated area staff.

Improve your communication technology strategy

At Cyan Solutions we conduct complete communication audits and total reviews of your technology systems to ensure that you have the most appropriate, business efficient solutions in place. We can help to provide your internet telephony system, complete with cloud hosting solutions to ensure all of your technology strategy is cohesive and beneficial. From encryption through a virtual private network to high bandwidth to support a quality service, we can assess your needs and ensure you have a practical and effective system in place. Get in touch for helpful advice from our friendly team.


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