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Industry News for July 2020: Remote Working

We aim to keep on top of all the latest IT developments here at Cyan and like to make sure our customers are kept in the loop as well.  Each month we round up the most relevant and newsworthy information from around the internet and deliver it straight to you in simple terms that don’t skimp on details. This time, we’re talking remote working; there’s new tools, new rules, and an interesting survey from Lenovo to check out.

Study Finds Productivity Increase in Remote Workers

Tech giant Lenovo released the findings from a recent study this month into how employees across the globe are adjusting to remote working conditions.

Titled ‘Technology and the Evolving World of Work’, the study surveyed 20,000 newly remote workers from various industries and organisations across the globe – and uncovered some interesting results. Overall, remote working seems to be winning a lot of fans. A huge 63% of people reported that they felt more productive at home, and 52% hope to continue doing so. Respondents were excited about the future of technology, with over 75% saying they were looking forward to engaging with 5G, AI, and Machine Learning.

There were some concerns, though. Top challenges were identified as a reduced personal connection with co-workers, and difficulty in working collaboratively. Security was an issue, too, with a massive 72% of people worrying about personal data breaches on their work devices.

You can check out the full report over on the Lenovo website.

NCSC Launches Remote Working Test Tool for Small Businesses

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) added an exercise for home and remote working to their Exercise in a Box toolkit this month. The move came in a bid to help small and medium-sized businesses test their security levels after employees found themselves suddenly working away from the office.

Launched last year, Exercise in a Box is a kind of ‘cyber fire-drill’ which sets role-play exercises and allows companies to refine their responses to cyber attacks. Home and Remote Working is the tenth exercise in the series, and focuses on helping to reduce the risk of data compromise while staff are working from home. Three key areas are covered; accessing networks safely, secure employee collaboration, and remote management of cyber incidents.

You can read more, or sign up for Exercise in Box over on the NCSC website.

Vodafone Launches Support Platform for SME

It’s been a good month for small and medium-sized businesses with regards to technology and IT. Vodafone has teamed up with entrepreneur Piers Linney to launch their new platform V-Hub, which aims to boost business owners’ digital skills and allow them to work more efficiently.

V-Hub has been designed to be super easy to use, with three segments:

  • Remote Working focuses on working collaboratively and boosting staff wellbeing
  • Digital Security concentrates on cyber protection for SME and staying safe online
  • Digital Enablement goes into detail on how businesses can boost their online presence and branch into eCommerce

The free guidance comes at a great time, as many small and medium-sized businesses continue to struggle through the effects of Covid-19. To find out more about V-Hub, or to listen to the small business podcast, head over to the Vodafone website.

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