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Industry News Roundup August 2020

We aim to keep on top of all the latest IT developments here at Cyan, and like to make sure our customers are kept in the loop as well.  Each month we round up the most relevant and newsworthy information from around the internet, and deliver it straight to you in simple terms that doesn’t skimp on details. This time, we’re talking cyber security as Microsoft Office allows phishing simulations and there’s an eye-opening look at cyber-attacks during the pandemic.

Microsoft Research shows Uptake in Digital Cyber Security

The Covid-19 crisis and lockdown period plunged businesses across the globe into chaos, forcing companies to quickly look more closely at their cyber security measures. New data from tech giant Microsoft recently released showed that the pandemic caused a huge 58% of businesses surveyed to increase their security budgets, while an even bigger 82% expressed an interest in hiring security staff in the future.

The report also released details on the most popular security measures adopted during the pandemic. 20% of businesses had invested in multi-factor authentication (MFA), while endpoint device protections came in second at 17%.

Check out the full report on the Microsoft blog.

Microsoft Office Enables Phishing Simulations

Phishing emails are the kind of nightmare you want to stop before they’ve even started. Which is why we’ve welcomed the news this month that Microsoft has added an attack simulator to their Office 365 package.

Users who have signed up for the Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Plan 2 will soon be able to run imaginary scenarios on spear phishing, password spray, and brute force attack to test their employee’s responses. Phishing emails remain one of the main forms of cyber attack, and are often easy to miss, which is why Security Awareness Training is a security-must.

For more information, head over to the Microsoft website.

SMEs at Increased Risk of Cyber Attacks

Small businesses already have it tough enough, but a report from global recruiter Robert Walters has uncovered some worrying statistics regarding SMEs and cyber crime.

The report, carried out in collaboration with data provider Vacancysoft, showed that there are around 65,000 cyber security attacks on SMEs every day, and at least 4,500 of those end up being successful. Data breaches can cost companies vast amounts of money, data showed, with each attack having the potential to cause £2.48m worth of damage.

To read the full report, head over to the Robert Walters website.

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