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social housing
Cloud Computing

Digital Transformation Of Social Housing – Top Five Trends

It is necessary for every business in every industry to adapt and change their business model to accommodate their customer’s changing behaviours and expectations, and housing associations are no exception. Digital technology is not only about conversions, transactions and growing revenue; it is vital for streamlining processes, optimisation and improving the customer experience. As digital

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Cloud Computing

The Risk Of Cybercrime For The Distributed Grid

The energy sector is under threat. As well as the physical danger to the distributed grid, there is now a growing threat in cybercrime. More and more cybercriminals are finding sophisticated methods to disrupt energy grids. Using targeted attacks and phishing individuals, cybercriminals are able to disrupt and control grid systems and are exposing the

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IT Infrastructure

How and Why You Should Use Scalable Technology Infrastructure

All growing businesses know the struggles and challenges that scalability brings on a regular basis. It can seem like an impossible task to accurately predict the growth rates of your company’s technology infrastructure, especially as the businesses needs and capabilities are changing rapidly. The last thing you want when your business is in a vital

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IT Infrastructure

Driving Business Growth Through IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is often a practice that is avoided or stepped around, with many companies simply going with the flow when it comes to their IT management. Many businesses will only make changes and upgrades when it becomes necessary due to equipment failures. Operating your IT planning in this reactive, fire-fighting way is not going

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toto energy
Case Studies

How Cyan Solutions Helped Toto Energy drive rapid Growth

About Toto Energy Founded in 2016, Toto Energy is a UK utilities supplier with a mission to make gas and electricity more affordable. From the start, the company had plans to grow rapidly. After just one year, Toto Energy supplied more than 55,000 domestic properties nationwide. Finding a partner for launch – and growth Before

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