We’re an IT provider and trusted Microsoft Partner, delivering the best IT solutions to keep your employees connected, and productive.

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Where teamwork happens in Microsoft 365

Give your employees the tools to be more productive. With Microsoft Teams, you can chat, meet, video call, and collaborate, wherever you are.

Microsoft Teams is an application that is available with your Microsoft 365 package.

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Microsoft Teams integration with Cloud Telephony

We offer unique integration between Microsoft Teams and our Cloud Telephony solution. 

These empowering capabilities seamlessly connect your employees, enabling phone calls to be conveniently transferred to colleagues via Teams, keeping the amount of time your customers are on the phone to a minimum.

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Empower your employees to work creatively and collaborate, wherever they are.

Unlock the power of the Cloud

Scalable services

Business IT Solutions - Cloud Solutions

By utilitising Micosoft Cloud, we deliver you comprehensive IT services that adapt as your business grows.

Access to applications

Your employees will have all the tools they need to work remotely and productively, including access to apps and files.

Instant communication

Business IT Solutions - Connectivity & VOIP

Your team can connect remotely with instant messaging, video calls, and cloud telephony, plus many more capabilities.

Creative collaboration

Business IT Solutions - IT Support

From sharing live document updates, to drawing out plans on a virtual whiteboard, your team will love collaborating so efficiently.

IT security

Business IT Solutions - IT Security - Cyber Security

We'll make sure your business remains protected and compliant with our advanced IT security services, so your team can work securely.

Enable Remote Working

We utilise the very best technology to deliver an IT solution that enables your employees to work remotely.

With Microsoft 365, your employees will be able to securely access everything they need to work remotely, including their email, applications, and files, and they’ll be able to make, and receive calls as if they were in the office.

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Secure Access | Quick Communication | Creative Collaboration

Experts in improving

performance, collaboration, IT security, and data flow

In IT, there are so many small things you may not consider when building a list of requirements, but Cyan is always one step ahead. The team’s proactive approach helped us get up-and-running quickly.

Cyan has played an integral role in our success by supporting our IT estate and strategy, at all levels. It’s not a supplier/customer relationship, it’s more of a partnership.

Jonathan Corbishley, Head of IT, Toto Energy

What makes Cyan unique is how kind, patient, and knowledgeable people are at every level of the business. Every member of the team at Cyan talks and walks the same consistent customer values.

I would absolutely recommend Cyan.

Danyanne Quemper, Director of Finance and Resources, Sands
Empowering your business to achieve more with Microsoft Teams.

Our Approach

One size doesn’t fit all.

Your business is unique and deserves an IT solution that can cut the mustard.

We’re different from other IT providers because we’ll immerse ourselves in your business to understand how you and your employees work.

Our hands-on approach enables us to deliver a remote working solution that maximises performance, empowers your employees, and keeps you competitive.

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Business IT Solutions - IT Support

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