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IT Solutions

We immerse ourselves in your business to understand exactly how it operates, and we identify your pain points, even if they don’t feel like pains.

The outcome for you is a best-of-breed IT solution and IT support that accommodates your entire business whilst maximising your IT Budget. 

And, we do it all in plain English. No tech jargon.

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Productivity & connectivity

Business IT Solutions - Cloud Solutions

Keep your employees connected to the people, information and tools they need, wherever they are. No compromises.

Security & Compliance

Business IT Solutions - IT Security - Cyber Security

Protect your business against internal and external threats to keep your data secure and your business compliant.

Proactive Support

Business IT Solutions - IT Support

Poractive support from our friendly experts - they're always working hard in the background, so you don't have to.

Strategy & Virtual CIO

Business IT Solutions - IT Strategy

Make your business more powerful. We can develop a strategy and support you with those game-changing decisions.

In IT there are so many small things you may not consider when building a list of requirements, but Cyan is always one step ahead. The team’s proactive approach helped us get up-and-running quickly.

Cyan has played an integral role in our success by supporting our IT estate and strategy, at all levels. It’s not a supplier/customer relationship, it’s more of a partnership.

Jonathan Corbishley, Head of IT, Toto Energy

What makes Cyan unique is how kind, patient, and knowledgeable people are at every level of the business. Every member of the team at Cyan talks and walks the same consistent customer values.

I would absolutely recommend Cyan.

Danyanne Quemper, Director of Finance and Resources, Sands

Our Services

Cloud services

Free up capacity and empower your employees to collaborate, create and share cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

Cyber security

Resilience your business deserves. We can run a full audit and make clear recommendations to improve your IT security.

IT support

We've got your back. Our experts work in the background to optimise your service, as well as providing support when you need it.

Business telephony

Enable your team to connect remotely and enjoy a wide range of features to help you achieve more from your telephony solution.

Strategy & planning

Be competitive, proactive, flexible, efficient, and resilient with our strategic guidance and comprehensive planning.

Looking for a new IT provider
can be time-consuming.

We’d love to save you time.

Instead of scrolling through webpages to find what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to answer your questions and give you some advice for finding an IT provider for your business. Of course, we’d love that to be us, but there’s no pressure, we just want to help.

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Our Approach

We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all.

We’re different from other IT providers because we’ll immerse ourselves in your business to understand how you and your employees work.

Our hands-on approach enables us to pin-point exactly where your pain points are, even if they don’t feel like pains, and we deliver an IT solution that maximises performance, empowers your employees, and keeps you competitive.

Get to know us better

Business IT Solutions - IT Support

Business IT Solutions - IT Support

How we help you

It’s our goal to make IT easy for you.

From fully managed IT support and cloud services like Microsoft 365, to cyber-security and IT strategy, we utilise the very best technology to deliver an IT solution that works for you.

Of course, we’d love to work with you, but if we don’t think we’re the best IT Provider for your business, we’ll simply let you know.

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Remote working

Work flexibly and more productively.

We can support your business as you equip employees to work remotely.

Working remotely can be more productive with the right technology, and will help you recruit competitively. We’ll ensure your teams have access to everything they need from home, and we’ll make sure you can communicate and collaborate as effectively as you would in the office.

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We choose to work with partners that deliver best-of-breed IT services designed to give your business the power to achieve more.

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We’re here to help you understand how cloud solutions can empower your business. Let’s start with a chat – we’d love to help.

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