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Be Inspired | Case Study | How Cyan Solutions Helped Toto Energy drive rapid Growth

How Cyan Solutions Helped Toto Energy drive rapid Growth

About Toto Energy

Founded in 2016, Toto Energy is a UK utilities supplier with a mission to make gas and electricity more affordable.

From the start, the company had plans to grow rapidly. After just one year, Toto Energy supplied more than 55,000 domestic properties nationwide.

Finding a partner for launch – and growth

Before the business was launched Toto Energy considered its IT and the infrastructure that would be needed to power its day-to-day operations.

“We had a good idea of the challenges we would face,” says Jonathan Corbishley, Head of IT at Toto Energy. “We were looking for someone to host a remote desktop platform for us, consolidating everything into one place so we could expand and grow across multiple sites. We knew our growth would be fast-paced and we needed a partner that could keep up.”

To compare suppliers, Toto Energy put out a tender and conducted a detailed comparison of both pricing and service. “Cyan was deemed to be both cost-effective and offer the quality of service we expect as a fast growth business”.

A partner for the earliest IT discussions

We became involved in Toto Energy’s IT at its earliest stages of planning and design.

This included integrations with a wide range of applications and services, including a specialist billing platform and customer relationship management (CRM) system for the utilities sector.

“Early on we were in discussions with industry-specific software suppliers, so we could handle different types of data flow in billing,” says Jonathan. “It was key that these suppliers were well-integrated with our wider IT, so Cyan came in on the discussions soon after.”

“We got a lot of input from Cyan on whether key supplier services could be hosted in a virtual environment, which had never been done before. Cyan were confident it could be done and, consequently, it has been done. That was a hugely important factor for us.”

We were also involved in discussions about how to best implement a hosted cloud desktop platform, including key considerations like load balancing and scaling.

A proactive approach to IT design

After successfully designing and testing a way to include key supplier services in the hosted platform, we implemented Toto Energy’s full IT infrastructure smoothly and seamlessly.

“There’s always a lot to be done to make sure that everything can talk to everything else,” says Jonathan. “In IT there are so many small things you may not consider when building a list of requirements, but Cyan are always one step ahead. The team’s proactive approach helped us get up-and-running quickly.”

“Cyan go the extra mile to make sure everything is working and functioning before signing anything off. They don’t stop until you’re completely happy and that’s one of the many ways they’re so good to work with.”

Following robust testing, our team delivered a bespoke cloud architecture that gives users the same experience and access to business applications wherever they are located. New users can be added with a few clicks, making it easy to meet the demands of growth. This is all hosted in a tier 4 data centre with the highest levels of resilience and data capacity.

A lasting partnership of support and strategy

Following the launch of Toto Energy, we have continued to provide ongoing support and maintenance – both at a helpdesk and management level.

“With our platform, we can adapt very quickly if we have a big influx of staff, for example into the call centre. Cyan can add new servers quickly and we can grow as fast as we want to, without being limited by our IT.”

“Cyan have played an integral role in our success by supporting our IT estate and strategy, at all levels. It’s not a supplier/customer relationship, it’s more of a partnership.”

Empowering Toto Energy’s rapid growth

Toto Energy continues to achieve its ambitious targets for growth through acquiring customers and rolling out smart meters. Jonathan identifies our IT services as an important part of this growth.

“The extent of Cyan’s support and the flexibility of the platform has allowed us to grow very quickly. They’re positive to work with, they’re engaging, and, above all, they’re invested in us – and that won’t change as we grow, which is excellent.”





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