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At Cyan Solutions, we’re about more than keeping your IT up-and-running. We don’t settle for anything less than making you more productive, efficient and competitive.

It starts with IT support and technology you can depend on. But that’s just the foundation for bigger change – and bigger impact – as new innovation transforms the way businesses work, collaborate and thrive.

We’re trusted by businesses across the UK to deliver IT that doesn’t just work – it works hard to achieve real results.

There were immediate cost-savings in the model that CYAN proposed. It was clear that the team understood the industry and how charities work. By replacing our IT as an integrated piece of work, CYAN delivered real synergy

Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society)

We are now very positive about the role technology can play in helping us transform both our business and the experience for our customers and are confident working with Cyan will deliver. They are our go to partner for all technology

Crown Simmons Housing

The extent of Cyan’s support and the flexibility of the platform has allowed us to grow very quickly. They’re positive to work with, they’re engaging, and, above all, they’re invested in us – and that won’t change as we grow, which is excellent.”

Toto Energy
We empower people
through technology

Useful Information

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