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Be Inspired | Case Study | Cyan Solutions improves technology capability & resilience for Crown Simmons Transformation Strategy

Cyan Solutions improves technology capability & resilience for Crown Simmons Transformation Strategy

Crown Simmons Housing provides affordable rental and shared ownership properties to older people, key workers and those on low incomes across London and the South East. As well as maintaining the homes they own, they also provide management services to other organisations.
Being able to provide a continuous service to their customers is incredibly important and, as a growing business with outdated IT systems, they were concerned this was a risk.

Ensuring service continuity through harnessing technology

Having outsourced their IT support and infrastructure for several years, Crown Simmons had increasing concerns that the systems they had in place were not robust enough to support the organisation as it grew. An increase in technical issues was also impacting productivity. In addition, the leadership had concerns that a lack of IT strategic thinking was leaving the company exposed. Cloud technologies were readily available, but they were not being considered quickly enough. This, in turn, had the potential to impact customer service. As a result, Crown Simmons started looking for a new IT partner.

Paul Yates, CEO, says ‘Cyan Solutions was the standout organisation for us in the tender process. The way they came across in terms of both their technical capability and the way they behave as a business was what impressed us most. We really liked the fact we were dealing directly with the technical team who actually design the solutions.’ ‘We also liked their company ethos and values and felt that not only would they be able to deliver the infrastructure we needed, they would be able to support our growth as well.

A comprehensive review to stabilise the infrastructure

Crown Simmons were mostly managing their IT on physical servers that were expensive to run and out of date, creating a constant stream of technical issues. This led to a real concern that downtime could seriously impact their ability to offer a continuous service to their customers.

The first thing we did was to truly understand the organisation and its specific needs. We looked at what they had in place and compared that to where they needed the business to be in 5 years. Paul says ‘I was really impressed with the way they tailored their approach. We had to go back to basics to get the technical architecture right, but they took time to listen to what we needed and ensured their solution would deliver for us within our budget. They are very technically minded and incredibly knowledgeable, but they don’t over complicate matters.’

An integrated platform

We developed a fully hosted solution, pulling together various cloud technologies, including Microsoft Office 365, to deliver company data, email and software applications in one place, accessed through a familiar Windows hosted desktop interface – available anytime, anywhere.

Paul continues, ‘Continuity can be an issue when moving suppliers and we needed to maintain a good relationship with a key software vendor that provides our housing management applications. Cyan managed the change smoothly, liaising directly with the vendor and resulting in a seamless transition’

‘Resilience has improved massively, and we are confident we can keep the business running no matter what. Already the team have been able to work remotely when the UK was snowed in, ensuring we continued to provide our customers with the first-class service they needed’

A technology partnership

We continue to support Crown Simmons in the day to day management of their IT, pro-actively supporting the team and responding to any queries through the help desk. All systems are secure, monitored and maintained, providing total peace of mind.

‘I know I don’t need to worry – I am confident our IT is in safe hands and we are ready for any eventuality. I receive regular performance updates and know Cyan just get on with updating systems when needed. I can now get on with running the business’

We are also working with Crown Simmons to develop their technology capability, looking at how they can continue to transform their customer experience through new technical developments.

Trusted Technology Partners

As a not-for-profit organisation Crown Simmons do not have the resources for internal IT personnel and having a partner they can trust is really important. ‘We are now very positive about the role technology can play in helping us transform both our business and the experience for our customers and are confident working with Cyan will deliver. They are our go to partner for all technology’

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