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Cyan delivers a tailored cloud based solution

The way businesses need to work is changing fast. Employees, and consumers, want more flexibility, quicker access to information, and the ability to work and communicate from anywhere at any time. All without compromising security or giving people a muddled or fragmented experience.

Why move to the cloud?

Fewer and fewer companies are choosing to invest in traditional onsite hardware. Instead, they are embracing a modern way of doing business that removes the upfront expenditure and burden of onsite IT whilst empowering staff to work more efficiently.

A cloud solution allows you to leverage industry-leading technology, often too complex and expensive for small and medium sized businesses to afford. You get the performance and reliability of enterprise-grade infrastructure without the associated costs or management overheads. You also significantly reduce cyber risk as key business assets are protected in secure data centres.

Why choose Cyan cloud services?

With so many cloud services available in a swamped marketplace, selecting the right solution for your business is crucial. Standard cloud models often aren’t a good fit and business suffers as a result. When you start to lose control of important IT assets or governance of sensitive corporate data, then the risks quickly escalate. You may also need to respond rapidly to fluctuating customer needs. This is a modern-day challenge for any business.

Cyan cloud services are built and tailored to suit your exact needs. Your servers, software applications, company data, licencing and security concerns all taken care of in a protected, dedicated cloud environment, fully managed and supported by our team of experts.

Everything you need is delivered in a single solution, giving you the performance and control of onsite IT, but with the flexibility and efficiency of a cloud model. With no upfront costs and affordable monthly subscription payments, you can scale and budget as you grow.

Benefits of a Cyan cloud desktop

  • Integrated desktop experience: All users see a familiar Windows user interface from any device.
  • Centralise company data and file sharing: Moving your company data and network shares to the Cloud allows you to manage all your files in one location and take control of access. We can set permissions for file and folder access, prevent files from being moved to public Cloud storage such as Dropbox, or even prevent files from being downloaded to external USB drives.
  • Application compatibility: Your business applications – including industry specific software, finance suites (such as Sage), CRM, etc. – that currently run on your onsite servers will be migrated to the cloud and used in the same way they are now. This also removes any dependence on your software vendor making their app cloud-ready.
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration: Continue to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 including SharePoint and Exchange email. We even install the familiar Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) on your Cloud desktop, so your team will have a single place to go to access everything they need.
  • Cloud desktop personalisation: Your team can personalise their Windows desktop and use the familiar shortcuts and desktop settings they’re accustomed to.
  • Cross-platform capability: Your team will be able to connect and work from any device including PC, thin-client, Mac OSx, iOS, and Android.
  • Reconnect from different locations: The Cloud desktop reconnect feature allows you to start working on one device, for example, your office computer, and then easily continue working on another device, for example, your home computer, without losing what you were working on.
  • Exceptional performance: You will experience fast and reliable performance even if you are using older computers or connecting over slow Internet connections. This greatly improves the user experience and productivity.
  • Access to locally attached devices: Print and scan as normal, directly from the Cloud, to locally installed printers, scanners or copiers.
  • Enhanced security: Meet compliance and regulatory requirement and reduce cyber risk; protect against loss of sensitive corporate data; restrict access to software applications or files and folders for tighter security; centralised roll out of critical security updates and patches instantly protects all your assets.

Our approach

We work with you to truly understand your business and your needs not only now but in the future, to ensure we plan technology solutions which will support the delivery of your growth and development ambitions. We will then create a flexible infrastructure, harnessing the cloud technology to ensure your data is secure and accessible whenever you need it. But it doesn’t end there. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance, proactively updating software and monitoring your systems, making changes and recommendations as necessary.

To discuss how migrating to a fully cloud based platform could help develop your business further contact one of our experts today.

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