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Technology to Minimise the Disruption Of School Holidays

The benefits of remote working for the school holidays

With the school holidays on the horizon, thousands of businesses are preparing to manage an increase in holiday requests from their workforce to take care of their children.

For growing companies, these months can be a real hindrance to business and often create a huge slump in efficiency as employees struggle to battle the childcare challenge alongside their daily jobs. With technology vastly improving flexible working in recent years, there are now alternatives to help your business keep productivity up during the holidays.

Remote working has increased in popularity more and more thanks to cloud technologies and more flexible attitudes to office hours. Allowing your employees to work from home, or wherever suits them, gives them the chance to take care of little ones during holidays while keeping their out of office off.

Employees can easily keep on top of their daily tasks, keeping your businesses productivity up instead of grinding to a halt as soon as the schools do. The use of cloud technology can give workers the same real-time access to systems and files as they would have in the office. Furthermore, video conferencing means those vital meetings can still go ahead even with your employees dotted around the country. Allowing your employees to work remotely has a huge range of benefits for them as well as for you and your business.

Beat the Childcare Challenge

Finding reliable and cost-effective childcare during the holidays can be a real struggle for working parents. Whilst holiday clubs may provide some help, they don’t always fully cover office hours, especially for parents who must add a long commute onto their working day. Giving employees the option to work from home during school holidays can be a real help for parents who struggle to get cover for their kids while they are in the office.

The chances are that when you introduce remote working, the number of holiday forms hitting your desk will decrease dramatically as parents no longer need to use their precious holiday days to look after the kids. As a growing business, it is vital to keep your key workers on hand throughout July and August, even if they are not stuck behind their desk.

Happy Employees = Happy Business

It is no surprise that happy employees are more productive and efficient in their daily tasks. Cutting out their commute and giving them the option to work flexibly will reduce their stress levels and increase their productivity. This greater flexibility in their daily tasks is a benefit to both employee and employer, giving a boost in morale and the freedom for workers to work in an environment that suits them and their individual working style.

Studies show that those who work from home are happier in their job than those working in an office and that working remotely increases productivity by 16 per cent.

Anywhere, Anytime

Utilising cloud technology for remote and home working allows your employees to bust out of that standard 9 to 5 and work when it suits them and their lives. Giving your workers the freedom to get their tasks completed at any time of day can increase productivity and efficiency.

Cloud technologies can also allow your employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection; whether it’s at home, in the local coffee shop or on a train, they can be getting on with their duties wherever they happen to be. During the school holidays, many workers take time off just to sit at home or take the kids to visit family members elsewhere, giving them the ability to work remotely using cloud technology allows them to continue working no matter where they are.

The Best Talent

Introducing remote working for your business can give you the opportunity to hire the best talent, no matter where they are based or whatever their personal circumstances and commitments. Traditionally, you might only be considering hiring employees within a commutable distance from your office. However, the best person for the job might be situated further afield or need flexible working.

Utilising cloud technologies can help you to expand your workforce and grow your business without limiting the talent pool you can pick from. Remote working also increases employee retention, so once you’ve hired the best people for the job you have more chances of keeping them for even longer by giving them the flexibility to work where and when they want.

Get your business school holiday ready

There are a vast range of technologies out there to help growing businesses make the most of their employees during the holidays, so there is no need to let the slump slow you down. At Cyan, we offer a range of remote working solutions to make sure your business is still running at full capacity. Even when school is out, you can utilise cloud solutions to boost your productivity. Get in touch for free advice about introducing cloud-based remote working in your organisation.

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