Customer FAQ’s

Do you have questions about your business working remotely? We’ve compiled the most asked questions and given you the answers to help you work remotely and efficiently.

Will I be in breach of our support agreement with Cyan if my employees take their desktop computers home?

No – Cyan will provide support for all managed devices and users be it at home or in the workplace.

Are there security risks if my employees use their own personal devices at home for work purposes?

Yes, there will be more risk for your business if your employees are using personal devices, and we are unable to manage or protect those personal devices.

Our advice is to equip your employees with company-owned devices. If this is not possible, please ensure that your employees are aware of the risk and that appropriate measures are taken. Read our tips to keep your business protected while your employees are using personal devices.

Are there any other security risks I should be aware of?

Yes – cyber-criminals are taking advantage of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by targeting individuals with malicious Coronavirus-themed phishing emails. Some campaigns observed by security companies include impersonating organisations such as the World Health Organisation and Government Agencies, as well as internal Human Resource Departments / Executives.

You must be vigilant to unsolicited or unexpected emails, even if they come from a known organisation or recipient. If the email looks suspicious, please do not download any file or click on any links, and report suspicious behaviours to Cyan immediately.

Are we compromising security by allowing connections into our office network from home. Ie. VPN clients and remote desktop solutions?

The short answer is yes, quite possibly. During the current pandemic, many companies have no choice but to be reactive with little time to implement well-considered, secure mitigations. We’re seeing a lot of requests to simply “turn on the taps” that open up home working options.

It’s important to consider the risks of allowing staff a direct, albeit secure, connection into your network from their home devices, particularly those that Cyan don’t currently remote-manage. It’s likely you don’t know what condition those PCs or laptops are in and who shares that computer in the home. Please speak with us about how you can lower or fully reduce these risks.

How can I purchase laptops to enable my employees to work from home?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the supply chain for IT equipment, such as laptops, has run dry. Our advice is to check your local stores for stock. The recommended minimum spec should be…
Processor: Intel i5 8th generation or above
Memory: 8GB or above
Hard Drive: 256gb SSD or nVme drive or bigger
Operating System: Windows 10 (Pro is the preference but Home can be upgraded via Microsoft £100)
Estimated Price: £500 to £700

I’ve managed to purchase a new laptop for my employees, what do I do next?

Please contact your Technical Account Manager at Cyan. Once you have confirmed the additional workstation count with us, you will then need to prepare the laptop for your employees. Please turn on each device and register them by completing the initial windows 10 set up. Once you have reached the desktop, you can call the Cyan helpdesk to install the Agent and AV solution to make it a managed workstation. Cyan can then install the rest of the tools needed for remote working.

How do I access my email when working remotely?

You can access your email by visiting from a computer, tablet or mobile and signing in with your normal Office details.

How do I forward my calls on the CyanPhone platform?

You can change your voicemail and other options via the web portal below:

You can use your phone login details to access this page. If you don’t know these, please call the helpdesk.

Calling Features: This tab contains the bulk of the options that can be configured
Call forwarding always: Set the phone call to forward on all the time (use *55 to go directly to voicemail if enabled)
Call forward busy: If you are on the phone this action will take place
Call Forward No Answer: If you do not open the call then this action will take place
Do Not Disturb: No calls will come through

Remember to click SAVE once you have made the required changes

My phones are not internet-capable and only work in the office. How do I upgrade to more modern & agile comms technology?

We are happy to discuss your options with you, so please email us at

Phone providers tend to lock customers into long contracts, which are not ideal when technology is changing so fast. Cyan offers a cloud-hosted, flexible phone platform that doesn’t rely on a physical location. Traditional handsets & software phone apps are flexible options that can be used in the office, at home, or on a mobile.

If we haven’t answered your question here, please contact us by emailing