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Be Inspired | Cyber Security | A quick guide to keep personal devices secure

A quick guide to keep personal devices secure

If you’re using a personal device to work remotely, follow this simple guide to reduce the risk of cyber-threats. 


Keep your device’s operating system (e.g. Windows or macOS) up to date with the latest security patches.

In Windows: Start menu > Settings > Update & Security > Windows update

On a Mac: Apple menu > System Preferences > Software updates

Antivirus software

Ensure your antivirus software on your laptop or PC is kept up to date to protect yourself against cyber-threats.

Strong password

To make your password stronger, combine multiple words, numbers and even symbols to create a passphrase. We suggest joining a sentence so you don’t have to write it down to remember it.

Identify the threats

It’s important to be able to identify threats because cyber-criminals are sneaky and they’ll use names and subject lines you recognise to trick you. Watch this video for tips to stay safe online.

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