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“How Strong Is My Password?”

Here’s how you can create a strong password.

If you have a weak password, don’t worry because we’ll show you how to create a strong password.

What is a strong password?

Creating a strong password doesn’t have to be complicated. Length trumps complexity, so you can still use a password that’s easy to remember. We recommend using a phrase or combining a few random memorable words.

Here are our suggestions to help you create a strong password…

  • Favourite book + favourite food + favourite colour
  • Song lyrics
  • Film quote
  • Motivational quote
  • TV programme
  • A combination of 3 app names on your phone
  • Brand names
  • Animal breeds or species
  • Towns, cities, or counties
  • 3 random words

And, if you can remember them, using a number or symbol to separate each word will only help to make your password stronger.


Your password is weak if it is easily guessable by a person or computer such as:

  • One word
  • Memorable name
  • Your DOB (even if it’s reversed)
  • phone number
  • house number
  • A combination of a memorable word and number
  • Only contains lowercase letters
  • Is the minimum password length (usually 6-8 characters)

The most popular passwords right now include “Password” and “123456”. 

So, to make your password more secure, avoid using your name, anyone else’s name, your house number, phone number, or simple words on their own.

Using strong passwords isn’t the only step you can take to keep your information safe. There are other cyber threats that you can protect yourself against. See how you can avoid falling victim to a phishing attack, and find out what other simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

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