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Why you should be making plans to implement remote working long-term

Remote working is by no means a new concept. In fact, before COVID-19, 54% of UK workers were already working flexibly in some way.

If you weren’t offering flexible working before, you may find remote working will be a key factor in retaining your employees post-COVID-19. Let us tell you why…

Better work-life balance

Let’s face it, we could all be better at this. The positives that can be drawn from COVID-19 include time gained for ourselves.

We’ve all discovered that we could be using the time we’ve previously spent stuck in traffic to be more productive in our personal lives. Whether that’s doing exercise, spending more time with family, walking the dog, tidying the house, or just catching up on well-deserved rest, we’re putting that time to good use and we’re all the better for it.

Remote working enhances wellbeing

The freedom to choose where and how we work has a significant impact on our happiness. By gaining more time at home, we have become more rested and less stressed. With a more positive approach to work, our days are spent productively.

Communication has improved

Believe it or not, remote working can encourage better communication and unite your workforce. People are making a conscious effort to check-in and support each other now more than ever. Colleagues are still greeting each other every morning on Microsoft Teams, and they’re jumping on video calls to talk things through with more purpose than they may have had in the office. Your employees are the foundation that will empower your business to bounce back fighting.

Technology that makes your business more powerful

It’s apparent there will be a strong demand for flexible working post-COVID-19, and a proactive response now, will not only help you retain your employees, but also strengthen your business. Now is the time to switch from reactive to proactive, and we’d love to help you come out fighting.

We can review your existing IT, and make recommendations that will facilitate remote working, strengthen your continuity plan, make your business more resilient, and improve efficiency throughout. If you’d like help exploring your options, please give us a call on 02392 333 365.
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