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Remote and Fully Managed IT Support Tailored To Your Needs

Cyan remove the burden of IT management and proactively monitor and maintain your technology to keep your systems online, your data secure, and your people productive.

From supporting end users to managing software licenses, monitoring backups to updating applications, it’s all taken care of. Plus, our helpdesk speedily resolves any queries or issues that do crop up, ensuring business continuity.

And, because every aspect of maintenance and management is handled by the same team of experts, we’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to improve your technology. So, we won’t just keep your IT working – we’ll do everything we can to make it work even harder.


Guaranteed Service Levels

For the long-term, we guarantee the highest service levels with a robust set of agreements. You can expect fast, responsive support from a team that’s always ready to help. And while more than 95% of calls handled are resolved within just 15 minutes, we’ll work with you to agree Key Performance Indicators and regularly provide performance reports. As a result, you’ll get exceptional service whenever you need it, as well as complete transparency on our performance.

End User and Computer IT Support

Our Helpdesk team delivers immediate assistance whenever needed. We offer support and guidance over the phone and can connect to computers remotely to fix problems, carry out maintenance work, or assist users whenever they have questions. Additionally, if we can’t resolve an issue remotely we will immediately despatch an engineer to your site.

Network and Server IT Support and Maintenance

Cyan engineers work around the clock to manage and monitor your IT infrastructure to ensure your business remains operational and secure. We make sure your network is protected and your systems are online and up-to-date. Whether in the cloud or onsite, we’ll manage your entire IT estate.

IT Security

Cyan manage cyber security across all systems and devices under our control and combine industry-leading tools to deliver a safe environment for your team to work. We protect email, web browsing and cloud applications, we secure Internet gateways from the threats of hacking and intrusion, and we shield your systems with award winning anti-virus and malware defence. Our team monitor security across all areas of your business and analyse and remove any potential threats as they occur.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We safeguard your business against outages, fire, flood, theft, human error, ransomware, and even hardware failure, by automating and managing the entire backup process. We ensure your data, applications and databases are protected and out of harm’s way. From a single file, a failed server, or site loss, we have the tools to recover your business from complete disaster within hours.

Performance Monitoring

We proactively monitor your computers, servers, network and Cloud services and take immediate action to identify and fix smaller issues before they develop into bigger problems or downtime. More importantly, we can ensure that system performance is always optimal.


Having insight and visibility in to your technology, with all its related statistics and performance measurements, is key to justifying future direction or making important business decisions. Our reporting tools are designed to extract valuable information about your systems, your users, IT efficiencies, productivity and security.

IT Purchasing and Digital Transformation

Having in-depth technical knowledge of your business puts us in the perfect position to make recommendations based on the true needs of your organisation. We deliver competitive advantage by helping you plan ahead and get the most out of technology. We can integrate Cloud platforms, design a more efficient network, or introduce better ways of working. Whatever the need, you can rest assured that the technology will be tailored to your needs, goals and budget.

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