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How artificial intelligence will affect future business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been integrated into much of our daily lives. So much so that often we are unaware of it and its impact. Whilst there is scope for further development in AI technology, the implications for different businesses and sectors is enormous. It will continue to revolutionise how business is conducted in the future.

If we look at AI developments over the past decade, it is obvious that future business will be shaped dramatically by AI technology. The tech is constantly developing and improving, with new applications constantly being integrated into our everyday. Robotics have become more innovative and autonomous. AI is being implemented in sectors where previously not considered either possible or necessary.

The impact of AI will be dependent on the sector in which it is used. Although there is only so far we can go in predicting the future, the increasing uses of AI enables us to speculate more readily than ever before.

With that in mind, here are some of the ways that future business could be impacted going forward.

Financial Services & Law

Artificial intelligence has been instrumental in helping make use of data to extract valuable information. It enables us to analyse data trends at lightning fast speed when compared to the human brain. In the legal world one example of how this has been used is to filter trends to show patterns in criminal behaviour. Plus DNA and finger print matching databases have become ever more sophisticated enabling unsolved cold cases to be solved.

Data extraction is also an exciting potential for AI. In financial services businesses are embracing AI solutions which enable them to make smarter investment choices. Algorithms and analytics are now a integral part of trading, economic analysis and forecasting.


Robotics have a been a staple in the world of manufacturing for some time now already. Yet we will continue to see something of a change in how they are used and the intricacies of tasks that they can complete.

In the world of manufacturing, health and safety is of utmost importance. Already artificial intelligence is having a positive effect on how safely and positively robotics technology can be used alongside traditional workers. As the technology becomes more  widespread the demand for the production of intricate AI robotics will grow.


Artificial intelligence has already made a huge impact in the healthcare sector in terms of diagnosis, decision making, data capture and data analysis. Moreover, artificially intelligent robotics have a huge capacity to undertake complex and intricate procedures in healthcare. One example is IBM’s Watson computer which is being used by oncologists to diagnose cancer in patients and provide a tailored treatment plan.

Customer Services

Finally, customer services is becoming increasingly AI driven. Already social networks are offering businesses access to chat-bots that can answer a number of predetermined queries for customers. Beyond that, some smart systems are able to answer customer questions with such accuracy that they aren’t even aware they aren’t talking to a real person

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