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Industry News Roundup December 2020

Wrapping up the year, we’ve got: a new study showing working from home cybersecurity vulnerabilities; spreading awareness of a nasty malware campaign targeting browsers; and announcements from Microsoft Teams. 

Cybersecurity Risks Threaten 2 in 5 Brits Working From Home 

Coronavirus forced many businesses into remote working during the pandemic, but how are UK businesses handling cybersecurity risks?  

new survey from Internet Service Provider and web-host Fasthosts reveals that 2 in 5 Brits are at risk of cyber-attacks while working from home due to a lack of cybersecurity knowledge, over half of Brits dont use a VPN, and a quarter of Brits have had household members come into contact with confidential data.  

This data highlights the importance of taking cybersecurity measures with work-from-home employees and protecting personal and company data through the use of VPNs, awareness of scams, data backups, virus protection software, and security best practices 

Read the full report over on Fasthosts’ blog. 

Persistent Malware Campaign” Targets Major Browsers  

Data from the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team revealed a widespread malware campaign that can affect multiple browsers. The browser modifiers, dubbed Adrozek,”  inject harmful ads into search results, add browser extensions, and change browser settings against the users will. 

Affected browsers include Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Yandex Browser. The multi-browser reach indicates a level of sophistication different from previous browser-modifier malware campaigns which typically target a single browser. Microsoft urges personal and business users to defend against malware infections and stay informed, alert, and cautious.  

For an in-depth look at the malwares problems and Microsofts tips for preventing infection, visit the Microsoft blog. 

Microsoft Teams Outlook Integration

Microsoft has announced that in March 2021, Teams will receive an update enabling Outlook integration. Outlook on the web and for Windows will allow sharing email conversations and attachments to Teams, and Outlook for iOS and Android will allow starting a chat in Team with email recipients.  

The feature, which should be useful for business users, especially when conducting internal meetings, should help to provide a productivity and efficiency boost amid remote working. 

Head to Microsofts website to view the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. 

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