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How to be proactive and retain business while working remotely

It’s a testing time for businesses, so maintaining customer loyalty is more important than ever. Here are some suggestions to help you…

Remind your customers how much you care

Connect with your customers to ask how they’re doing. No ulterior motive, just show them that you care about their business. It’s these gestures that are most valuable at times like this.

Connect with video

The lack of face to face interaction is apparent and businesses are in danger of losing that personal connection with their customers. Using video for your calls is the simplest way to inject a more personal element into your communication. Whilst this may seem uncomfortable for some, you may find it surprising how quickly people adapt.

Offer reassurance

Let your customers know you’re still there to support them. If you’re not able to provide a full level of service, communicate transparently to manage their expectations so your customers can make arrangements within their continuity plans.

Understand and adapt

Businesses have needed to shift their focus to remain operational, with many decisions and actions being reactive. Take the time to ask your customers what they need from you and adapt your services and support as appropriate. Demonstrating flexibility and resilience will reinforce trust and reliability.

Be proactive

Now is the time to shift from reactive to proactive. Businesses are now establishing a rhythm with remote working becoming the new norm. Once you’re confident your customers are stable, start having conversations with key decision-makers about refocusing their strategy to help them strengthen their business.

It’s time to look to the future and consider how you will rise stronger. How can you deliver valuable experiences to your customers? What can you do to prepare your business for when you reach the other side of COVID-19?

We’re here to help you. If you would like advice to help you through this current crisis, please email us at and we will get in touch for a chat.

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