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Cyber Security

Cybercrime Is On The Increase

Businesses have been facing a growing threat from data breaches, ransomware and supply chain weaknesses in recent years. According to the annual report of the National Cyber Security Centre, the number of cyber-attacks on UK businesses increased in the last year and is only expected to continue to rise. Cybercrime is a very real issue

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data security
Cyber Security

Monitoring The Dark Web To Stop Security Breaches Fast

We are all aware that the internet is incomprehensively massive. We know about YouTube, Google, Facebook and eBay, but what many of us often don’t realise is how much deeper the internet goes beyond those respectable and user-friendly websites. The elusive dark web is something we often hear about, but very few people properly understand

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Cyber Security

How to protect your business against phishing scams

Phishing is a form of online identity theft that has grown in popularity by hackers over recent years. It primarily affects home internet users, however a number of users have found themselves a victim at work, simply because they didn’t expect to see it within the confines of the office. Here’s how you can protect

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