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Digital Transformation Of Social Housing – Top Five Trends

It is necessary for every business in every industry to adapt and change their business model to accommodate their customer’s changing behaviours and expectations, and housing associations are no exception. Digital technology is not only about conversions, transactions and growing revenue; it is vital for streamlining processes, optimisation and improving the customer experience. As digital

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Cloud Computing

Top 5 Ways To Avoid Phishing Emails

Five top ways to prevent phishing attacks Cyber attacks are on the increase, and it is vital to protect yourself and your business against the rising security threats. For most companies, the employees are the weakest security link, leaving the company open to potential attacks and breaches. Over 90% of cyber attacks start with a

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Cloud Computing

Myth-busting Cloud Technology

Five Top Cloud Technology Myths Cloud computing has been growing in popularity in recent years. However, there are still some regular misconceptions about the platform and how it works. In simple terms, cloud technology refers to storing and accessing programs and data over the internet as opposed to using a computer’s hard drive. With an

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Disaster Recovery

Using The Cloud For Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

One of the priorities for every IT department is to ensure there is a sufficient recovery strategy in place should a disaster happen. Small businesses can lose thousands of pounds for every hour that their IT system is down. The best way to limit the costs and the damage of IT failure is to prepare

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How to Make Sure Your Staff Don’t Breach Your Data Security

It may be the cyber attacks which make the headlines, but the most common breaches are the ones that occur internally in your organisation. In fact, around 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. Staff are often responsible for data breaches, from losing a memory stick to sending the wrong file or even

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Cloud Computing

What Are The Benefits Of GDPR?

The GDPR deadline is nearly upon us, and while for many companies, it has felt like a rush, panic and burden to ensure they are fully compliant in time, it is important to realise that there are actually benefits of GDPR to you as a business or individual. With the introduction of high fines for

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Cyber Security

Monitoring The Dark Web To Stop Security Breaches Fast

We are all aware that the internet is incomprehensively massive. We know about YouTube, Google, Facebook and eBay, but what many of us often don’t realise is how much deeper the internet goes beyond those respectable and user-friendly websites. The elusive dark web is something we often hear about, but very few people properly understand

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Cloud Computing

The biggest risk for data breaches is your employees

In a world where technology is evolving so fast, handling data became a challenge, especially when it comes to businesses. Cyber security improved, and so did attackers. During the past few years, thousands of data breaches exposed records and personal information. The possibility of being a victim of fraud or identity theft stirred panic among

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