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energy sector
IT Security

Key Technology Trends Impacting the Energy Sector

The energy sector has been evolving rapidly in recent years thanks to new and upcoming technologies. 2018 is looking to be a milestone year for the energy industry, with the introduction of many new technology trends that are set to be revolutionary in the sector. The rise of digital has affected many businesses over the

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IT Security

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Requirements

Top Five Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Requirements When running a growing business, it can feel like you’re a bit of a one-man band trying to balance various aspects of the businesses needs. In some areas of your business, it can be beneficial to keep the workload in-house, and even employ a specific team to

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Cloud Computing

The Risk Of Cybercrime For The Distributed Grid

The energy sector is under threat. As well as the physical danger to the distributed grid, there is now a growing threat in cybercrime. More and more cybercriminals are finding sophisticated methods to disrupt energy grids. Using targeted attacks and phishing individuals, cybercriminals are able to disrupt and control grid systems and are exposing the

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Disaster Recovery

Using The Cloud For Your Disaster Recovery Strategy

One of the priorities for every IT department is to ensure there is a sufficient recovery strategy in place should a disaster happen. Small businesses can lose thousands of pounds for every hour that their IT system is down. The best way to limit the costs and the damage of IT failure is to prepare

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Cloud Computing

Managing Security With Remote Workers

Remote working is increasing rapidly. Staff who are travelling for business, working at home or commuting still want access to the same information they can receive while in their workplace. The increase of remote working undeniably helps organisations as well as assisting remote workers to stay in the loop and be efficient. With remote working,

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IT budgeting
IT Budget

Our Guide To IT Budgeting

Budgeting for your business is never easy. One of the hardest aspects to budget for is your IT strategy and requirements. Whether you base it on projects, annually or quarterly, it can seem impossible to know how to budget when you must manage costs and prepare for unexpected situations. However, when IT budgeting is crafted

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How to Make Sure Your Staff Don’t Breach Your Data Security

It may be the cyber attacks which make the headlines, but the most common breaches are the ones that occur internally in your organisation. In fact, around 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. Staff are often responsible for data breaches, from losing a memory stick to sending the wrong file or even

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IT Infrastructure

Driving Business Growth Through IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is often a practice that is avoided or stepped around, with many companies simply going with the flow when it comes to their IT management. Many businesses will only make changes and upgrades when it becomes necessary due to equipment failures. Operating your IT planning in this reactive, fire-fighting way is not going

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