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Key Technology Trends Impacting the Energy Sector

The energy sector has been evolving rapidly in recent years thanks to new and upcoming technologies. 2018 is looking to be a milestone year for the energy industry, with the introduction of many new technology trends that are set to be revolutionary in the sector. The rise of digital has affected many businesses over the

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Top Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Requirements

Top Five Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Requirements When running a growing business, it can feel like you’re a bit of a one-man band trying to balance various aspects of the businesses needs. In some areas of your business, it can be beneficial to keep the workload in-house, and even employ a specific team to

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How your customers benefit from using a smart meter

The evolution of smart meters Around 7 million smart meters have been installed in homes in the UK since they were introduced in 2009, primarily to simplify the billing process. The government hope that these will help to create a more efficient, low-carbon, and reliable energy grid. They originally stated that every home would have

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